School Directory

The school office is open Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Contact us by phone at 314-921-3023.

You may also reach the office staff via e-mail by clicking on the names below.

Ms. Barbara Zipoli, Principal, Phone Ext. 15
Mrs. Ann McKay, School Office Manager, Ext. 10
Mrs. Washington, School Nurse, Ext. 18

Mrs. Grone, Coordinator of Religious Education, Ext. 11

Current families may reach faculty and staff through Fast Direct.

Mrs. Hale, Preschool
Mrs. Austin, Kindergarten
Mrs. Dietiker, First Grade
Miss Corkery, Second Grade
Mrs. Driskill, Third Grade
Ms. Rankin, Fourth Grade
Mrs. Skouby, Fifth Grade, 5-8 Science
Mrs. Wojtkowski, Sixth Grade, 5-8 Math
Ms. Grun, Seventh Grade, 5-8 English
Mr. Dabek,  Eighth Grade, 5-8 Literature 
Mr. Noe, Eighth Grade, 5-8 Social Studies
Mrs. Arnold, Art & Music Teacher
Mr. Murphy, I.T.; K-8 Computer, 6 & 8 Religion
Mrs. Schulz, P. E. Teacher
Mrs. Miller, Learning Consultant