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Walk a Thon Results

posted Oct 22, 2013, 3:44 PM by Saint Rose Home and School
St. Rose students did an awesome job in the 2013 Walk a Thon - walking a total of over 6500 laps, that's 1,313 miles!! Also, over $2,600 in pledges were collected. These funds will be used for school facility enhancement projects, such as the lobby restroom renovation. Work on the girls restroom is tentatively set to be completed over Christmas break.
Students who walked 10 miles or more, plus the top walker in each homeroom, were treated to a dress down day on Oct. 17.  Every student will receive a "foot" shoelace charm for participating.
Top Walkers By Homeroom:
HRFirstTotal Laps WalkedTotal Miles Walked
KABlaire H.336.6
KBDesmond K.418.2
1DBella C.5410.8
1SRyan R.7014
2PMichael W.5811.6
3DBrooke C.6412.8
4EPaige G.5711.4
5FMichael P.6312.6
6DMatthew W.10521
7GConnor B.5410.8
7RJustin T.408
8SVanessa B.418.2
10 Mile Walkers
HR First Total Laps Walked Total Miles Walked
6D Matthew W. 105 21
6D Brandon C. 94 18.8
6D Tommy S. 75 15
1S Ryan R. 70 14
6D Stephen B. 67 13.4
3D Brooke C. 64 12.8
5F Michael P. 63 12.6
1S Jayden G. 63 12.6
5F Grace B. 60 12
2P Michael W. 58 11.6
4E Paige G. 57 11.4
1S Symone B. 57 11.4
4E Ramone B. 55 11
6D Lexy K. 55 11
6D Kira M. 55 11
1D Bella C. 54 10.8
7G Connor B. 54 10.8
6D Melanie B. 54 10.8
6D Rachel B. 54 10.8
2P Abby C. 53 10.6
2P Faith M. 53 10.6
4E Max H. 53 10.6
6D Joseph B. 53 10.6
4E John E. 52 10.4
4E Aaron F. 52 10.4
4E Marin E. 51 10.2
4E Nathan W. 51 10.2
6D Colette B. 51 10.2
1S Jaden Y. 50 10
3D Johnny L. 50 10
4E Hannah C. 50 10
4E Timothy H. 50 10
4E Nolan K. 50 10
5F Autumn M. 50 10
On Friday, Oct. 18, nearly 40 students were treated to an ice cream party in the school cafeteria, an incentive they earned for raising $50 or more for the Walk-A-Thon.  See photo gallery below.

Walk a Thon Party

At the party, the prize drawing was held (a total of 75 students qualified for the Effort Key and prize drawing by turning in $10 in pledges).  Prizes included water bottles, sports balls, and gift cards to iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Toys R Us. Winners of the drawing were:
  • Bella C.
  • Brooke C.
  • Adam H.
  • Sarah P.
  • Mason B.
  • Tori J.
  • Lilly K.
  • Aden R.
  • Nora S.
Here is a listing of laps/miles walked by  homeroom.  The "Golden Shoe" award was presented to Mrs. Davis' 6th grade class for 880 laps/176 miles; closely followed by Mrs. Engelmeyer's 4th grade with 811 laps/162.2 miles!
HomeroomTotal Laps WalkedTotal Miles Walked
TOTAL LapsTotal Miles