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Market Day Pie Sale - Let's put our principal in a turkey suit!

posted Nov 1, 2011, 12:12 PM by Cara Koen
Mr. Morr has agreed to wear a turkey suit for a day if we meet our school goal of selling 500 pies.  Order forms have been sent home via Friday Folder - see below for extra copies.  Orders and payment are due November 9th!  You can also place your order online at:

Don’t forget! The ice cream truck will pull up right in front of your school! If your home room meets their goal of pies sold the class will enjoy a trip to the ice cream truck.  Home room goals are based on the number of students in their home room and will be posted in their class.
Class room goals 
Pre‐K3    16 pies 
Pre‐K4    38 pies 
K ‐ Mrs. Bresnahan  34 pies 
K ‐ Mrs. Austin   32 pies 
1st ‐ Mrs. Sattler  52 pies 
2nd – Miss Peggy  30 pies 
2nd – Mrs. Dietiker  26 pies 
3rd – Mrs. Driskill  46 pies 
4th – Mrs. Engelmeyer  50 pies 
5th – Mrs. Frese  56 pies 
6th – Mrs. Davis  42 pies 
7th – Mrs. Grun  62 pies 
8th – Mrs. Rechtien  30 pies 
8th – Mrs. Sigears  28 pies 
Send in your forms weekly, if you can, so we can see how close we are to hitting our goals!
500 Pies 
Can we do it?
Yes we can!!!
Let’s see Mr. Morr’s best turkey impression! Gobble Gobble!